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Every year, 17th October is the United Nations Day for the Eradication of Poverty observed by millions of people worldwide. Stand Up/Sing Out is something UK schools and others might like to do any day that week to show support for ending poverty in all its forms. It's free, simple, unfussy, and just needs a few minutes in class or assembly or on on-screen.


Stand Up/Sing Out is an updated revival of likeable October 2008-10 happenings when thousands of UK primary and secondary pupils joined in the mass actions of millions supporting the Global Call to Action Against Poverty. They shared some simple Promises to the Poor - based on the then Millennium Development Goals - and in 2011 many also found time to add the Count On Us Song.



An encore seems like a good idea - as the world still needs that focus on ending poverty.  It's the first of the UN Sustainable Development Goals introduced in 2015.  So on any day around that week of 17 October, just stand up and share the Our Promises on Poverty that take in many of the Goals. If you can also manage to sing or play the Count On Us Song with the same tune but updated words, you'll find enjoyment there too. NB As before, nothing's sacrosanct: you're welcome to change anything - words, pictures, tune, tempo - to suit your setting. You decide when, where, who and how.


You'll also be showing appreciation of the year-round actions of the 11,000 civil society organisations in 58 national coalitions that form today's Global Campaign Against Poverty - and the millions of concerned people who take action in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  Interested in joining in? Many thanks; you're very welcome; and it's all simple, easy, and free  

You just need the words to the Promises, and words and tune to the Song.  And they're ready-made for you to download. Nearer to mid-October you can work out in detail how and when to put them to use in class or assembly on on-screen or wherever. .

    are available as a plain A4 Word or PDF file which have full details and the words and music to the Song; and as a short Powerpoint slide show.

    Just click here to go to the page about them. 


    wordS and tune are also available with the Promises as A4 Word and PDF file - and as a short slideshow. Arrangements are also available for piano/keyboard, wind band, guitar and rock ensemble.

     Just click here to go the page about them. 


     For more information, a good place to start is the backstory on StandUps 2008-11.  Click here for details.

  • Registering that you're likely to be taking part is helpful - but not essential.  (And you're not committed to doing anything.) There'll just be a simple list with a school or other name, and a running total of Upstanders.  Click here for the page on registering.

  • If you'd like to know more about GCAP or the Sustainable Development Goals, there's a page with basic information and links. Click here for the GCAP & SDG page.

  • If you'd like to know how you might be an Encourager - someone who can be of help in spreading the word about Stand Up/Sing Out - there's a page with suggestions.  This may be of particular interest if, for example, you're a diocesan bishop, director of education, head of a school or academy group, or staff member with a lot of contacts! And many others may offer social media, of course. You might also like to Write Out Against Poverty - to your local councillors, MP, and government ministers.  Click here for the Encourager page.

  • And if you've any questions, Contact Hugh at hughgibbons@just1.org.uk

  • Many thanks, and enjoy what's here.

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