The Great Bracknell Community Gallery of Greeters & Inspirers
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from the Co-ordinator Hugh Gibbons, updated on 29 March 2015

Well, what's below is history - as the Gallery is now open to view 24/7

  With the Big Welcoming getting near on Saturday 28 March, the sounds of paintbrushes being sharpened is heard across Bracknell and beyond.

The basic procedure for the Big Welcoming is to gather in the hall of St Joseph's Church in Bracknell town centre at about 11.30am.  Fairtrade cuppas will be provided. This will let me give a final check on what you've provided, and an opportunity to see works close up!  The Mayors of the Town and Forest will be present (will they chain themselves to the railings?) I've asked them simply to give a word of thanks.

Families and friends and colleagues are very welcome to come along as well, and enjoy this historic moment.

At 12pmish, we'll make our way outside - perhaps to parade around Stanley Walk before we position ourselves by the railings and at a signal put the paintings in place. Followed by much applause, and another cuppa, I think.

Anyway, the Gallery's going to make waves of all sorts.
  • A quick count shows that we'll have paintings stretching from the far left by the steps up to the carpark, right across the section outside the front door, and some going down the slope.
  • If you'd like to take a few photos as you go along, these will be handy for your page on this website.
  • And at some time, I'll need a short bio of each artist - and maybe a comment eg on the joy of being Inspired
  • I've heard a few words of news on the choice of Inspirers.
    • The Fairtrade Logo Figure panel was put place on 22 February, at the start of Fairtrade Fortnight - after being used in inviting the whole congregation to renewal their commitment.  NB as here, on the frame on the front of the pictures to take the hooks, you might add a couple of metal eyelets on the sides towards the bottom.  These are to take a plastic tie attaching the picture to the railings - making it steady against the wind. No probs if you forget - I'll have spares.
    • Ranelagh School are producing Vincent Van Gogh - and have kindly volunteered a Malala Yousafzai. They'll get a big letter of thanks from Gordon Brown in his role as UN Special Envoy for Global Education and The World At School.
    • Maura Holt's Anne Maguire looks superb!
    • The Gosling family are at work on "Grandad"
    • Simon Wood & Family tell me they are producing a Jesus, and two others
    • The Griffiths Family are under way with Sally Gunnell
    • MSF palmprints laid outMedecins Sans Frontieres UK have provided the palmprints  (left) showing solidarity with Ebola patients in West Africa.
    • In Somerset, Sidcot - a Quaker school founded in 1697 - are busying themselves, and I'll collect their pictures on a special trip after Easter
    • West London Mental Health Trust rehabilitation team are producing The Fox
    • Richard Tauber is coming from local resident Peter Reid
    • Theresa McDougall is cracking on with "My Family"
    • The Kerith Church have the wood - and may be providing the Food Bank logo figure
    • I'll shortly start work on Giles Duley and the US Army Medevac team who saved his life.  ere he is in Bath, modelling his wave.  With him is Lucy Anning, a nurse who works for Emergency UK. She met Giles in Kabul. He asked for her to be on the panel as well - so it'll be a five-strong dancing troupe!
    • And Henri Dunant is almost ready - in the garage... He's shown with the annual candlelight procession at Solferino, the site of the terrible battle which drove him to suggest an independent humanitarian organisation - that become the International Federation of the Red Cross & Red Crescent.
  • He'll have a big smile to go with that formidable moustache and sideburns

Henri is for Thanksgiving Field at Tally Ho Farm at Winkfield - see for more info. 



So, well done to everyone - and watch this space, or the railings!


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