What a lovely idea! We have so many languages spoken in our community. Head Teacher Primary School                Between our two primaries we have over 60 nationalities.  So I assume at least 30 different languages.   Parish priest              Your proposal sounds wonderful, and if it’s OK, we will share it with chaplains via our next newsletter and on our website. Chair of Trustees of association       This is an interesting idea, especially as we have just entered the year of prayer, with a focus on the Our Father. Diocesan Director of Education                          I congratulate you on the approach you are taking in relation to the Synodal Process and engaging with schools through the vision of Pope Francis. This chimes very closely to what we are doing in the diocese and I am sure that we can all benefit from sharing our ideas and experiences.                  I really love the idea of 'Applied Synodality for schools' and your work on St Oscar Romero. Diocesan Head of RE Support                                      



A 2024 Just1 suggestion for many schools
to celebrate their own unique cultural diversity

sharing The Lord's Prayer in the languages
found among pupils, families & friends


and for UK Catholic schools, as an example of synodality

in action to feed into the resuming October 2024 Synod in Rome  - addressing a couple of points from 2023...

  How about uniting as THE BIG SCHOOLS PENTECOST SPEAK-OUT -  maybe in assemblies or on-screen any time that suits around mid-May? And what about counting up your languages and calling the total your Paternoster Number to air and share?  
  "Our Father, who art...  

British Sign Language version
included in thoughtful all-ages ecumenical YouTube video produced by CofE Devon
he Lord's Prayer in Different Languages | Pentecost 2020 (youtube.com)

Simple laminated A4 display of pages from the Paternoster Gallery visiting Corpus Christi Church
in Wokingham

2024 Guide with all the 20+ languages
and commentaries

Hugh Gibbons, conductor of Just1, says...


A 2024 WhoArtful Gallery is a simple idea - a variation on what many schools may already have done. It's a spin off of the Paternoster Gallery I made in 2018 with the inputs from friends and contacts far and wide - see down the page. A WhoArtful Gallery does things differently - schools make their own.


You might think of calling yours a Pentecost Gallery.


It's your school’s own informal exhibition of The Lord’s Prayer in different languages - found among your pupils, families, friends, and perhaps parishioners. So it's a unique home-grown showcase and celebration of your particular cultural diversity at this point in time.


Your Gallery will be an echo of the Church of the Paternoster on the Mount of Olives with its hundreds of language versions on ceramic plaques. Yours will probably be on paper, maybe laminated for display – and personal to your school. As usual, schools will be great at creating ways to put theirs to use – eg maybe displayed on page or screen; illustrated; read out in assembly or class.


NB1 There's also a suggestion that may tickle and test the imagination of Years 4-13: Texting God....


NB2 For Catholic schools and parishes, it's also an timely expression of synodality. “In a Church that is living synodally, different cultures, languages, rites, ways of thinking, and realities can engage together and fruitfully in a sincere search for the Spirit's guidance”, said the Synodal Church in Mission Synthesis Report from Rome in October 2023.  So it's an input for the October 2024 regathering.


NB3 If you'd like to send me any news of what you've found and done, that'll be very welcome - to air and share on this website as the year goes on.


With all best wishes for an artful 2024!



Hugh Gibbons, Conductor and Artist-in-Residence of Just1

Email hughgibbons@just1.org.uk

www.just1.org.uk & www.just1.org.uk/galleries

Other galleries made
for schools and churches are at www.just1.org.uk/galleries




  The Bishop thanks you for your email and asked me to pass on that she will share it with her Director of Education and see if it might find legs here.  PA to Bishop                             It looks great and exciting. Parish priest                The Archbishop has kindly copied me into his reply to your email. I've had a very quick look at your links, which look really interesting! I'm sure the representatives of the Diocesan Youth Services particularly will find it similarly thought-provoking for what they might be planning. Diocesan Advisor for Evangelisation & Discipleship  
  How to go about growing a WhoArtful Gallery  

1-page PDF Briefing

Click picture or here to open

For any sort of church school, maybe by Pentecost in mid-May

  • Gather up versions of The Lord's Prayer from pupils and families - and relatives elsewhere

  • Let your local parish know what you're doing, and invite them to help you with the project

  • Collate the language versions into a simple document (Word or PDF) as a lasting record - to share with families and parishioners

  • How about calling the total your Lord's Prayer Number!

  • This might start in 2024 and get added to over the years

  • Perhaps post this as news, archived on the school website

  • Enjoy finding ways to make use of your Gallery - in class, assembly, at home

  • Share your findings on social and local media - it's a good good-news story

  • And let your diocese know - to air and share your example

  • NB And maybe see if you can also collect a range of language versions for Peace Be With You, Thanks, How Can I Help?

Early on, invite other schools to join in the shared enjoyment

  • Any you have links with (eg in your academy trust) in the UK or elsewhere; or local Christian schools

  • Share and compare what you're you doing, or have found, or suggestions for use

For UK Catholic schools, tell your bishop of your example of synodality in action


There’s a reason. In October, the Synod re-gathers in Rome. It would be good for all there to know of schools and parishes applying the spirit of synodality - turning theory into action. Ask your bishop to pass on the news of your contribution to the UK bishops' delegates or other attenders.


You might cite that quote from the Synodal Church in Mission Synthesis Report from Rome in October 2023.  "In a Church that is living synodally, different cultures, languages, rites, ways of thinking, and realities can engage together and fruitfully in a sincere search for the Spirit's guidance." The Report also said that "There can be no synodality without an ecumenical dimension.”  WhoArtful Galleries would seem to fit that requirement.  


And why not write to Pope Francis about what you've done? The address is His Holiness Pope Francis 00120 Vatican City. You’ll get a reply to share with all school families.

  Texting God...  

Vatican launches app that allows people to pray with the Pope | The ...


Something for Years 4-12 to try their hand at...?

The organisation www.ship-of-fools.com organised a competition for the Lord's Prayer in fewer than 160 characters (maybe in the old Twitter days).  Pupils might like to emulate the imagination shown by the winners below.

FYI About half of anyone's text messages go to 3-5 people.


So, thinking of The Lord's Prayer in TXT to one recipient....

You rule, up and down. We need grub and a break. Will pass it on. Keep us focused.
You totally rule, long term. Amen.

by Rev Stephen Moore, Belleview WA USA

r pa in evan,
espect 2 u, may u rain ear as in evan. giv us r needs, 4giv rsin as we 4giv r nmes. resq us from the evil 1. 4 ur always the most xlent dude. Yo.
by Steve Seymour in Bristol

ur spshl.we want wot u want&urth2b like hvn.giv us food&4giv r sins lyk we 4giv uvaz don't test us! save us! bcos we kno ur boss,ur tuf&ur cool 4 eva! ok?
by Matthew Campbell in York, UK

  The Paternoster Gallery  

2024 Guide with all the 20+ languages
and commentaries

This cheery mobile Gallery of The Lord's Prayer in 20+ languages was created using the inputs from friends, parishioners and contacts far and wide.


This Gallery is on small wooden plaques with a graphic alongside the words.


The languages include Broad Yorkshire, Cheyenne, TXT, and Maori. On the back is a detailed commentary on the language; and the sides have the translations for Water and Thank You.


The Gallery can be happily handled or simply displayed on a table top using small stands, or on hung two at a time on wooden staves. The Paternosters have been used in school workshops and church displays. 


You can see full details in the PDF Guide.




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