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Schools' happy happenings In the Spirit of Oscar Romero...

Schools Stand Up/Speak Out/Take Part in United Nations Days through the year

Schools Stand Up in early October - Against Poverty & Inequality

Schools Acclaim Romero and all Campaigners for Social Justice in late March

Schools Stand Up with Malala in early July - for Children's Right to Education

Schools Sing Out for Social Justice - anytime you feel like it

Schools Speak Up for Fairtrade Promises

Schools Create a Good-people Gallery to inspire generations with your spirit  

Thoughts for the Week in Bracknell News

Us and Justice & Peace in South Ascot

PPhunnybonus, PPhunnybones, Lighter Writer, Diploma in Applied Gelotology

Hugh's Flying-Crooked Talks to all sort of groups and societies





NB1 prefers schools to call him Huge
NB2 that's him wearing a Phrygian Cap
on the Spirit of Romero Gallery

75 Qualitas, Roman Hill, Bracknell,
Berkshire RG12 7QG United Kingdom

  About Just1  

JUST1 and its activities have been a happy surprise for many people.


Just1 is an organisation of just one person - me.  My old school song asked us to "die of service, not of rust."  So over the past few years Just1 has been of service to tens of thousands of people engaged with social justice issues - locally, nationally in the UK, and globally. 


They've had particular appeal for teachers and others where Religious Studies, PSHE, and Citizenship Studies are an important part of their ethos - taking pride in growing good citizens for the world tomorrow. This is the current focus of Just1.


You'll find there's now a year-round suggestions about opportunities to help pupils get used to the idea of joining in - taking action associated with United Nations Days on poverty, justice and basic human rights.  And there's lots of simple and enjoyable happenings in which pupils, teachers, governors, parents, PTAs and student councils can join - the Good Examples Gallery being a case in point.


NB Just1 isn't about fundraising, though you're welcome to use the activities for.  Everything is funded by me - well, it needs a budget of about £20 a year, plus a lot of enthusiasm and creativity.


But if you like what you see here, you can make a contribution that will make a big difference elsewhere.  My recommendations are Ray of Light which feeds, clothes and educates some of the poorest children in Zimbabwe; Joe Homan Charity helping them in South India; and the Divina Providencia Hospital helping cancer patients in El Salvador, as well as looking after the poignant Archbishop Romero Museum in the little house the Carmelite nuns provided as his modest home.


Just1 starting in 2005 as a follow-up to MakePovertyHistory.  I've long been an education volunteer with CAFOD, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, and also helped Christian Aid.  But I wanted to go more widely.  So in 2008, I provided UK schools with simple material to take part in Stand Up Against Poverty, organised by the Global Call to Action Against Poverty and the UN Millennium Campaign.


In October 2009, nearly 50,000 people used the Just1 Promises to the Poor in taking part in the Guinness World Record of nearly 200 million people standing against poverty around the world. In 2011, Sing Out Against Poverty was added, with the introduction of the special song Count On Us. The same year saw the introduction of Spring Up: Acclaim Campaigners, celebrating all those who work for human rights, justice, peace, dignity - and the spirit of Oscar Romero.


In 2013, schools in the UK and USA were encouraged to support the nationwide Enough Food For Everyone IF Campaign, aimed at the leaders of the G8 governments meeting in June. UK schools were given the idea of speaking out for Fairtrade promises.  Some also gave support to Malala Yousafzai and her fight for children's right to education. And another song was added - Carrying a Candle (which includes "for the spirit of Malala"). 


HM The Queen high-fives with the Good Samaritan
on the Spirit of Romero Gallery painted by Hugh Gibbons for St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School
in Bracknell  July 2013.
See here for Showcase the Spirit of Your School
with something similar painted by a parent

  Schools: Reach Out/Speak Up/Take Part

Ready-to-run suggestions for any school keen to grow
good citizens for the world tomorrow

IN THE SPIRIT OF ROMERO is the working term for Just1's patchwork of spirited activities to help teachers in growing good citizens for tomorrow.  Oscar Romero is a hero for many people - and not just church organisations.

In many ways, people, groups and organisations like to honour the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero - often in services around the the time of his assassination on 24 March 1980.

Just1 's Spirit of Oscar Romero has a different take for schools. It assumes that he wouldn’t have wanted a fuss, would have liked the idea of support for those in need, would applaud young people leading the way, and would encourage them to take part and take action.

So Spirit of Romero encourages them to find a few minutes to stand up, speak out and be there for those in need - to be their own young 'voices for the voiceless".  The Just1 happenings also help pupils get used to the idea of being in solidarity with and appreciating everyone round the world campaigning for social justice. 


Throughout the year, there are many UN Days related to social justice.  You can find a full list here.

Three of them - shown on the right - have traditionally been ideal for Just1 Spirit of Romero. But NB - the dates are not sacrosanct, and you can do whatever you want whenever suits around the time.

For each of them, Just1 actions are different in substance and style - especially in bringing smiles rather than solemnity, with lots of scope for imagination.  You'll find that they:

  • are all free for you to download and use as and when suits you - meant to fit in well with your other activities

  • aim to be teacher-friendly - with activities that are easy to arrange and run, take only a few minutes in classroom or assembly, and engage student councils, PTAs

  • are down-to-earth, in everyday language - favouring respect rather than solemnity, much as Romero (and Pope Francis!) would have wanted

  • generate good news for schools and other communities to share with local media

  • are not about raising funds, and don't need a budget



Activities linked to United Nations Days

Around 17 October each year, Schools Stand Up Against Poverty & Inequality marks the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty - in many cases by renewing Promises to the Poor, based on the eight Millennium Development Goals

In the days before 24 March each year, Schools Acclaim Campaigners is linked to the UN's International Day for the Right to Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims. The actual date is when Romero was assassinated.


STAND WITH MALALA FOR CHIDLREN'S RIGHT TO EDUCATION - on the UN's special day, and Malala's birthday! 
  New for 2014 to 2064!

Consider a home-grown Good Example Gallery

eyecatching education to help you grow those
good citizens for the world tomorrow
  Schools (and maybe churches) with halls might like to consider adapting the idea of the Spirit of Romero Gallery made by someone outside the school for St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary in Bracknell, UK.

The basic idea is a permanent mural or the like in a communal area such as a hall or reception area,  showing figures chosen by the school pupils as Good Examples - and probably painted by a friendly outside artist.

In the case of the St Margaret Gallery, it's on wood, in acrylic, and 7ft wide.  The main figures surround a hand-made CAFOD Romero Cross from El Salvador.  Each were specified by each of the seven classes, plus the staff. The smaller figures were chosen  by the artist Hugh Gibbons - to tell a story and be representative of their group. So it really is a snapshot of the spirit of the school in July 2013. And good visual fun.

There's a suggestion to add wings on both sides, to carry each year a mosaic of all the faces of pupils and staff drawn by themselves - adding to the visual enjoyment.

The Gallery is art with its sleeves rolled up - packed with possibilities for teaching.  And as it has hooks, banners and bunting can hang from it (unlike the Sistine Chapel).

What's more, letters have been coming back from some of the people depicted - an extra source of enjoyment and encouragement.

If you would like to know more - especially how to consider inviting a parent or PTA to create something similar showing Good Examples as part of citizenship education, click here.
The St Margaret Primary figures include:
The Good Samaritan & donkey Sam
Queen Elizabeth II & corgis - and halfpenny
David Beckham & UNICEF symbol
Sir Isaac Newton and spectrum, apple and pebble
Florence Nightingale
Oscar Romero and loudspeaker
Malala Yousafzai and dove
The Virgin Mary and empty pushcahir
St Margaret Clitherow and key
A giraffe, bee and butterfly
CAFOD Portsmouth team - and Maria in Colombia
Pope Francis I, and hat
Nuns from the Divina Providencia Hospital
Lazaro Rodriguez, who paints Romero Crosses
Two teachers and a teaching assistant
Spitfire AB910, with surprise passenger Margaret Horton
A school governor
Five volcanoes in El Salvador
Parish priest John Keenan, and his dog Fred
The Unknown Voiceless Family


Schools Sing Out for Social Justice
with several special songs
  As schools love to sing, Just1 has a small repertoire to suggest.

All of them are simple in words and tune, work well in any key and tempo, and sound fine without any accompaniment. They also lend themselves to extra verses, harmonies and arrangements.

COUNT ON US was written by Hugh Gibbons to launch Sing Out Against Poverty in 2011. Over 20,000 pupils, teachers, parents (and at least one bishop, "scaring the cat") took part.  See more at

CARRYING A CANDLE was written by Hugh Gibbons to launch Spirit of Romero for schools in March 2013. The candle is being carried for Romero, social justice, all campaigners - and Malala was added in June.
See more at

BING BONG SONGS are ready-to-run any time. The tune is the chimes of Big Ben at Westminster, and the words are whatever you want. Fir example, schools and congregations have used them to turn towards London and sing We're/For/Fair/Trade and Hung/Er/For/Change to the G8 leaders in Northern Ireland - as the basis for news releases and letters to governments, MPs and others. Get the idea?  Go for it!

ASPIRE NOT TO HAVE MORE BUT TO BE MORE is a famous saying of Oscar Romero. Schools might like to compose their own music to suit the words - for class or assembly use.  And you might think to make it Taize-like - gentle, rhythmic, with feeling.  Yes?

  Many schools have Fairtrade certification, and many others support it in a variety of ways.  Speak Out for Fairtrade provides them with lively and enjoyable suggestions and ways to take the message out to passers-by, local parishes and other communities - and to feel literally the collar of clergy who are slow on the uptake, with annual renewal of the commitment to the Fairtrade movement.

For full information, click here.

Some Thoughts for the Week
  A leading local paper for the general area of Bracknell, Ascot, Wokingham, Sandhurst and Crowthorne, the News features a short column on the main editorial & letters page each Thursday called Thought for the Week. 

The Thoughts are provided by a rota of contributors, mostly leaders in a variety of local faith groups.

Though usually having a religious slant, the Thoughts are meant to be ecumenical - and have meaning and encouragement for those of faith and no faith.

Hugh Gibbons has been on the rota for several years, wearing a variety of hats. 

Some of of his contributions are shown on the right.

He says: "I really like to use the opportunity to give pats on the back to local communities, and to celebrate activities for social justice, in this country and elsewhere. 

"So you'll see I've been a voice for the Fairtrade movement, Christian Aid Week, CAFOD, and the many ways in which schools and other communities show their caring for others."

Going Bananas
Fairtrade and TraidCraft
Good Sports at School
Christian Aid Week Collectors
Schools Standing Up Against Poverty
Prisoners of Poverty
Prepare to Meet Thy Fete
Never to Late to Turn
Fairtrade Fortnight for 7000 churches
Fundraising in the Bag
Schools Speak Out for Fairtrade
Big Oscar: Landmark Has Fitting Home

Change of Location Has Positive Effects
Children Are Inspired By Malala’s Example
Thinking Outside the Bridge

Happy Landings in 2014
(The Bracknell Forest B17 Story)
the business end of laughter
  PPHUNNYBONUS is an offbeat Just1 website started in 2012 - fun with its sleeves rolled up.  It was created to amuse and help doctors in the pharmaceutical industry.  But anyone else is welcome to enjoy the various forms of fun. Linked to the website are Lighter Writer and the Diploma in Applied Gelotology - business skills workshops by Hugh with the purpose of raising funds for the education of disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe and South India.  Click here for more information.  

is Hugh's invited end-column for the bi-monthly magazine Pharmaceutical Physician -
and anyone should find plenty to smile at, as well as food for thought.

The articles are listed on the right. Click here for more information.

This is the latest version of the many writing and communication skill courses that Hugh has run for many hundreds of people in all sorts of organisations.  The fees are to be sent direct to support the small UK charity Ray of Light, helping educate disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe.  Click here for more information.

SOME PPHUNNIES TO DOWNOLAD include the slideshows How to Kill a Good Idea, Textually Transmitted Diseases, and How to Write Gooder What-ever Job Your in.  
Click here for more information.

THE DIPLOMA IN APPPLIED GELOTOLOGY is a bundle of Hugh's workshops on unsung business skills - a series of seriously enjoyable tutorials putting laughter to work. Fees for these are to be sent direct to the Joe Homan Charity - a UK organisation running a remarkable programme of children's education in South India.  
Click here for more information.

PPhunnybone articles for anyone
to enjoy at 

  • January 2012: The Best Medicine - Sweetie Poo?

  • March 2012: Two Jolly Good Physicians

  • May 2012: Look Away Now

  • July 2012: Never a Cross Word

  • September 2012: Auditing Audiences

  • November 2012: Just a Moment

  • January 2013: Without Whom?

  • March 2013: To Er is Human

  • May 2013: Nominogenetics

  • July 2013: Mettle Detecting

  • September 2013: Turn Left at The Med 
  • November 2013: Think of a Number




  Just1 and Justice & Peace in South Ascot  
  This is a website that provides information on some of the social justice activities in St Francis of Assisi Catholic parish in South Ascot in the UK.

It includes news of CAFOD campaigning and other events. 

For example, parishioners took part in the Thirst for Change Campaign - and they sang that to David Cameron to the tune of the Big Ben chimes.

In June 2013, the parish joined with the local Anglican South Ascot parish and other local communities for a  joint evening in support of the Enough Food For Everyone IF Campaign.

Like many in the area, the parish also supports the Bracknell Food Bank.  It also provides goods to help the work of the Medaille Trust caring for victims of trafficking, as well as the Anawim group in Birmingham.

The parish has Fairtrade certification.  In 2012, all the pupils in the primary school next door made bunting which was displayed in the church during the weeks from February to Easter.

St Francis is home to the CAFOD Romero Cross - aka Big Oscar (right).  This is a 2.4 metre scaled-up version of the familiar crosses made in El Salvador - but with space for Oscar Romero, St Francis, and plain parishioners.  It was made by Hugh Gibbons as a thank-you to the parish for their 50 years of support for CAFOD - and to give all passers-by a visual uplift to their day.

The parish has links with that of San Francisco de Asis in the district of Mejicanos in San Salvador, capital of El Salvador.  At Christmas 2012, parishioners and schools joined together in sending cards and best wishes.

Click here for details.

"Big Oscar" on display - outside the church!
Parishioner Sarah had visited El Salvador
with her parish in the USA.
Hugh is seen during the first airing
from his garage where he made the cross was made.
The Cross is seen by hundreds of passers-by each week.
There's a Thought for the Week
about it here.

And here's what hundreds of passers-by got to see
during Fairtrade Fortnight.


Flying-Crooked and other public talks by Hugh
  Hugh has given many dozens of wide-ranging talks to primary and secondary schools, societies, clubs, church groups, associations, business and military conferences, postgraduate courses, and other gatherings.

Each is prepared for that audience in that setting on that day. And Hugh's happy to handle any number between 1 and 1000. Each talk is usually accompanied with slides, asides, surprising ideas, audience involvement - and lots of laughter.

The talks are usually free, and any donations go to a charity of Hugh's choice.  He can bring along his own laptop, projector and big screen - so the only technical equipment needed is a glass of water.

Recent topics include these - though you're welcome to see if he might shape one for you:

HOT OFF THE PRESS: METTLE- DETECTING - the gripping story of what Hugh unearthed and became the unique After-War Memorial of Thanksgiving Field where a B17 crashlanded in 1943

- Beyond Guernica: Art and Civil War (for NADFAS in Spain)
- The Spirit of Romero Gallery
- Managing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Roman Army
- The Flighty Women of White Waltham
- Flying Tales of the Unexpected
- Silk and Spices for the Caesars
- The Art of Illusion
- Me and This 'ere Trombone
- A Wholly Different Holy Week

For primary age schools, Hugh has short sessions on Checking Out New Recruits to the Roman Army; Being a Primary School Child in WW2; Why Things Fly; Bird's Eye View of Geography; Visual Illusions...

Rapt attention from the chair of a
professional organisation at
their annual conference dinner.
The helmet belonged to an RAF
night-fighter pilot, since you ask.

Trying on a Roman helmet at
Ribchester Museum in Lancashire -
en route to check out a class of local schoolchildren
against the requirements for joining the Legions.
"Are you married?  Are you right-handed? 
Can you march 30 miles carrying a 70lb load?
And how are you about going the loo in public?"


75 Qualitas, Roman Hill, Bracknell,
Berkshire RG12 7QG United Kingdom