is a unique contribution to cultural diversity, social history, common humanity
and surprises-with-a-smile

  Thanksgiving Field and its tiny Uplifters Park have their home behind the barn at Tally Ho Farm Shop & Equine Centre,
Crouch Lane, Winkfield, Berkshire SL4 4RZ United Kingdom

The fragments unearthed in the historic 1943 debris field of USAAF B17F #3351Z are now in outposts elsewhere in the UK, in Germany, and across the USA. And the fences are packed with dozens of plaques and words to browse about uplifting people -
from a military medic and an unusual migrant marriage by Hadrian's Wall to The Skateboard Hero and Other Schindlers.

The Park is unattended but free to visit and enjoy during the Farm Shop opening hours
9am-5pm Mon-Sat, 10am-4pm Sundays (though not for the duration of Covd-19, of course).

The Guides below are good to browse anywhere and anytime - on any screen
Image result for Download Button VISITORS' GUIDE to the Field and Park
Image result for Download Button WINKFIELD WITNESSES is the story of the Field in the voices of those on the spot!
Image result for Download Button GUIDE TO ALL THE PLAQUES large and small along the Uplifters Fence
Image result for Download ButtonGUIDE TO MISSION 115Z Art with its sleeves rolled up
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THE PATERNOSTER PLAQUES GALLERY An unusual indoor spin-off
For more information on visits, discussions, talks and link-up, contact Hugh Gibbons


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to print out or bring with you on tablet or phone

  Winkfield Witnesses brings together a range of different accounts of the happenings in the Spring and Autumn of 1943 in the actual words of people in the air and on the ground.

So you can see what they had to say, including the crew of our Flying Fortress in debriefing, diaries and interviews; the children who got chewing gum from the shattered airmen brought to the safety of their house; the BBC and local US papers; the young gunners in Schweinfurt meeting the bomber pilots. And James Herriot and another RAF trainee pilot recalling life at the tiny airfield fit only for Tiger Moths to land...

Click here or on on the picture to see the PDF file.


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 The fences of the Park carry over four dozen plaques
 celebrating a great diversity of people and ideas.

 You'll find they have lots of humanity and humour
 and a great range of surprises.

 The easy-to-read PDF Guide has the wording on each, background information,
 and usually a picture of the person celebrated.

   THE GUIDE TO MISSION 115Z - Art with its sleeves rolled up
The surprising story of how the fragments were made into unique conversation pieces
sent out to new homes in the UK, Germany, and across the USA

including the crew's families today, embassies, museums, parks, military personnel, churches,
The Queen, POTUS, and a gladsome riveter

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A remarkable indoor resource for local churches and schools to borrow
suggested by something for the fence

The Lord's Prayer in 20+ different languages
packed with examples of cultural diversity
to muse on and amuse

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and also for families, schools, clubs, churches and other communities
to join in and enjoy a lasting presence in the Park - and beyond
At any time

to give thanks to and for someone or something

Just get a small one made and have it dedicted

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  says creator, co-ordinator and Park Ranger Hugh Gibbons

Like many other people already, you'll find lots in the story of the Field & Park to smile at - and surprise.  Though only a few metres wide and deep, the Park is bighearted and unusual in being a public celebration of kindness and humanity. And the value of VGOSH!

What started as chance find while metal-detecting has become somewhere that shares and projects mettle in many forms.

In long-cultivated countryside to the west of London and close to Windsor, Legoland, Ascot, and Bracknell, the Park is a very different sort place for anyone to pop in. It's a good place for a family picnic, and it's easy to arrange something for small group visits.

The Park is at the edge of the big Field - and the Fence has become the home of a big array of plaques in tribute to Uplifters.

Uniquely, there are outposts in some unexpected places including family homes, offices, embassies, museums, and churches - in the UK, across the USA, in Germany and elsewhere. If you want to add a plaque or set up your own outpost, you'll be very welcome - see the section below.

The Field and Park started with my finding a handful of metal relics from USAAF B17F #3351Z seventy years after it tumbled into the tiny RAF Winkfield and ended up ablaze in our Tally Ho field at 6.24pm on Thursday 14th October. 

Z had been taking part in a very historic event in the liberation of Europe - the Mighty Eight's Mission 115, second of over twenty raids on the city of Schweinfurt. It was a brutal and memorable day's battle that saw courage on both sides, military and civilian, in the air and on the ground. It was said that the story of Z was a remarkable saga - and didn't drop its bombs. Our crew had a happy landing, and most eventually went home to long lives in the USA. The burnt-out wreckage of Z was removed, and the field left in peace until my metal detector began to bong at 10.24am on Sunday 20 October 2013!
Intrigued, I researched the families and communities involved then and now.  What came to light was many stories of kindness, common humanity and generosity of spirit.  So it seemed appropriate to make something in tribute not just to them but to all the world's hidden heroes after conflict of any sort - who pick up the pieces and help life and hope return. 

The Thomas family at Tally Ho kindly suggested fencing off a little space behind the barn, and I arranged seats and some fun things to get people thinking. The family been remarkably encouraging, and I've tried to make sure that the Field & Park don't impact on what is after all a very busy and successful equine business. The Park itself is low-maintenance - and incidentally has no funding, committee, constitution or mission statement.

It's now probably the smallest park in the Berkshire - but has links in spirit with nearby Lily Hill Park, Jealotts Hill Community Landshare, Long Beach Rosie the Riveter Park, the American German Air Memorial Garden and churches in Schweinfurt, and Ramsey County Historical Association.

More recently, the Park has encouraged the acclamation of Uplifters: people who for whatever reason are seen by individuals, families or groups today as inspiring, encouraging, or good to be around.  It includes those Uplifters after conflict. But you’ll find they include quite a merry and diverse cast!  And anyone is welcome to add their own example on the Uplifters Fence and its plaques.

And to have an international take, autumn 2017 saw the public unveiling of the Paternoster Plaques. This is a gallery with the familiar Lord's Prayer in many different languages. Before settling down in the Park in summer 2018, the Paternosters will be available for local churches and schools to put to use.

Happy landings!  And oh - be kind to your web-footed friends...

Hugh Gibbons

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