The Tiny UK Park that's Big in Heart & History  

Thanksgiving Field and its tiny Uplifters Celebration Park have their home behind the barn at Tally Ho Farm, Crouch Lane, Winkfield, Berkshire SL4 4RZ United Kingdom. They make a unique contribution to cultural diversity, social history, humanity during and after conflict, and surprises-with-a-smile.

It's not a war memorial. The fragments unearthed in the historic 14 October 1943 - "Black Thursday" - debris field of USAAF B17F #3351Z are now in outposts elsewhere in the UK, in Germany, and across the USA. And the fence is home to dozens of plaques showcasing all sorts of uplifting - and surprising - people. It's been a happy landings story given to many societies and groups.

The Park is unattended but free to visit and enjoy during the Tally Ho Farm Shop opening hours 9am-5pm Mon-Sat, 10am-4pm Sundays. And there's now a delightful Honesty Cafe at Tally Ho with a great view across the fields.

Detailed guides on what happened that night in 1943, the artwork made from the fragments found, and the wording on all the plaques, are available in PDF form to browse on-screen or paper.

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